We believe in transparent pricing and ensuring our customers understand the value they are receiving. Here is a breakdown of our pricing structure for our tours.

Advisor Fee:

Full Day: US$300 per group (Maximum 4 persons)
Half Day: US$200 per group (Maximum 4 persons)
Or equivalent in Japanese Yen
Please note that the advisor’s transportation and entrance fees are not included in the above prices and will be charged separately.

Payment Method:

*Payment can be made in cash only, either in Japanese Yen or US dollars.
*Please make the payment on the final day of the tour.

Additional Costs:

Some tours may have additional costs such as:
*Meals and beverages
*Optional activities not included in the base tour
*Souvenirs and personal purchases
*Generally, the advisor will not join for meals, so there is no need to cover their meal costs.
*Entrance fees for the advisor are only required if you wish for them to accompany you inside the facilities.

Reservations for Tourist Attractions:

Please make reservations and payments directly through the respective attraction’s website.
If the attraction does not have an English website, we will assist you with the reservation process.

Cancellation Policy:

For cancellations up to three days in advance, we will refund 100% of the reservation deposit minus a handling fee of US$10, which means you will receive US$90 back.

*The recipient will be responsible for the handling fee.
*The method of refund can be discussed.

For cancellations made two days before or on the day of the reservation, there will be no refund of the reservation deposit.

Please refer to our ‘Terms and Conditions’ page for a detailed explanation of our cancellation policy.

We are committed to providing high-quality tours at competitive prices. If you have any questions about our pricing or need further assistance, please do not hesitate to contact our Tour Advisor.