Exploring Asakusa in Kimono & Sampling Unique Sweets

8 Hours

Asakusa, in Tokyo, is known for blending traditional and modern Japanese culture. Home to Senso-ji, Tokyo’s oldest temple, it offers historic streets with traditional shops. Key attractions include Nakamise shopping street and the iconic Kaminarimon Gate, making Asakusa a top destination for experiencing Japan’s heritage. Up to 4 people per group


Asakusa, known for its iconic gate adorned with a large lantern, has always been a lively town. Why not take a stroll along its charming streets, dressed in Japan’s traditional attire, the kimono? These streets are lined with a plethora of sweets and folk crafts. In Asakusa, you can indulge in traditional sweets like ‘Mitsumame’, and enjoy unique creations like a parfait made with ‘Imo Yokan’, a traditional sweet potato jelly. This area offers a wide variety of sweets, blending traditional flavors with modern twists.


Day 1 :

9:00  start (If requested, we can arrange to pick you up at your accommodation hotel)

10:00  Asakusa  Kimono dress up
          traditional sweets

12:00  Lunch in Japanese traditional dish

14:00  Japanese Tea Ceremony course (1hr. A course fee will be charged. )

16:00  Contemporary sweets

17:00  End

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Exploring Asakusa in Kimono & Sampling Unique Sweets
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