Nikko Toshogu

1 Day

One day trip to Nikko


Discover Nikko Toshogu: A Masterpiece of Japanese Heritage

Visit Nikko Toshogu, a stunning symbol of Japan’s rich history and architectural brilliance. Located in the serene city of Nikko, this UNESCO World Heritage site is not just a shrine, but a celebration of art, history, and culture.

Architectural Marvel
Nikko Toshogu is renowned for its lavish decorations and intricate carvings. The Yomeimon Gate, adorned with over 500 carvings, is a breathtaking example of Edo-period craftsmanship. The shrine complex is a unique blend of Shinto and Buddhist architectural styles, making it a must-see for architecture enthusiasts.

Historical Significance
Dedicated to Tokugawa Ieyasu, the founder of the Tokugawa shogunate, this shrine holds immense historical importance. It’s a place where visitors can connect with Japan’s feudal past and the legacy of one of its most influential figures.

Cultural Treasures
Explore the famous “See No Evil, Speak No Evil, Hear No Evil” monkey carvings, and the sleeping cat, symbols of wisdom and peace. The shrine’s lush surroundings and tranquil atmosphere offer a peaceful retreat from the hustle of modern life.

A Spiritual Journey
Nikko Toshogu is not just an historical site; it’s a spiritual experience. The serene environment, coupled with the shrine’s rich history, makes for a reflective and enlightening visit.

Up to 4 people per group


Day 1 :

Early Morning: Departure from Tokyo (Assuming departure at 7:30 AM from Shinjuku station)
(Travel by train, 2 hours)

Morning: Arrival in Nikko

Visit cultural and historical sites, including:
 ・Toshogu Shrine (World Heritage site)
 ・Shinkyo Bridge
 ・Rin-Noji Temple
 ・Observe national treasures and important cultural properties firsthand.
(Duration: 2 hours)

Lunch: Enjoy a luxurious Japanese-style lunch at a hot spring inn.

Experience and indulge in the hot springs at the inn (Private baths available).

Return to Tokyo: Travel back by train (2 hours).

〇Transportation costs, lunch fees, and hot spring bath fees will be the responsibility of each participant to pay individually.

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Nikko Toshogu
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