Tokyo Cultural Delights Package Tour ○Sushi ○Pet cafe ○Origami ○Akihabara ○Ginza —

8 Hours

Discover Tokyo’s diverse offerings in one enthralling package! Kick off your journey with a delectable sushi lunch, where you’ll savor the city’s renowned seafood creations. Be captivated by the delightful pets at a charming Pet Cafe and then immerse yourself in the ancient art of paper folding at the Origami Museum. Feel the pulse of Tokyo’s tech scene with a visit to Akihabara, the mecca of electronics and anime culture. Wind down with a relaxed stroll through Ginza’s elegant streets, capturing its perfect blend of tradition and modernity. Up to 4 people per group


Discover Tokyo’s charm with our tour. Enjoy a fresh sushi lunch, followed by relaxing at a pet café, where you can interact with adorable dogs, cats or micro pigs. Experience the traditional art of Origami at a dedicated museum, and explore Akihabara for anime enthusiasts. End the day strolling down Ginza Street, Japan’s renowned shopping district. Join us for a unique blend of Japan’s traditional and contemporary culture.


Day 1 :

9:00  start (If requested, we can arrange to pick you up at your accommodation hotel)

10:00  Asakusa    Sensouji

11:00  Asakusa    Sushi lunch

13:00  Ochanomizu  Pet café

14:00  Ochanomizu  Origami Museum

16:00  Akihabara   Animate etc.

17:00  End

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2. Some activities require advance reservations.
3. Please be aware that in the event of temporary closures or scheduled closing days of facilities, changes may be necessary.

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Tokyo Cultural Delights Package Tour ○Sushi ○Pet cafe ○Origami ○Akihabara ○Ginza —
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